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Executive Board 

Peter-Paul is Head of Environment, Regulatory Affairs at RWE. He has been responsible for the company’s biobased economy project since 2010. Prior to that Peter-Paul spent over ten years as Vice-President Biofuels & Development within Essent Trading International SA in Geneva, with responsibility for sourcing, trading and the development of biomass materials (solids and liquids) for electricity production on a global scale. Peter-Paul holds a number of positions on bodies leading on biomass and sustainability and is currently a Director of TKI BBE in the Netherlands, a consortium for knowledge and innovation directed at the production of biobased innovation across the entire biomass value chain. Peter-Paul has a legal and business administration background.

Peter-Paul Schouwenberg, Chairman


Alf is since 2009, Head of Biomass Sourcing and Trading at Uniper (former E.On), after he held several senior management positions across Europe in Exxon, Essent and Duferco. He is responsible for leading the teams across Uniper, responsible for global development, sourcing and trading of biomass for all Unipers’s biomass projects and operations. During his 13-year career at Essent he spent 9 years as a Board member of Essent Generation, Essent Renewables as well as of Essent Trading SA. During that period, he was as Senior Vice President, key responsible for the development, implementation, globalization and commercialization of the sustainable and biomass business in Essent. Alf is a founding father of the Green Gold certification program and is currently holding a number of positions on bodies leading on biomass and sustainability. Alf holds a Msc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Twente.

Alf van Weereld

Leo Brouwer.jpg

Leo Brouwer, Manager Energy Transition at Power Plant Rotterdam B.V. has worked in various positions in the energy sector since 2008, such as Environmental Manager at ENGIE Energie Nederland. Prior to this, he worked for more than 24 years as a consultant and head of department at Royal Haskoning, a well-known Dutch consultancy firm. As Manager Energy Transition, he has been intensively involved in PPR's sustainability plans for a number of years, including looking at biomass as an energy source. He has a large network especially in the Rotterdam port area and is actively involved in various network organizations, including Deltalinqs where he is chairman of the Air Committee and vice-chairman of the Environment & Sustainability Steering Committee. PPR's initiatives to make the energy market more sustainable strongly anticipate the changes in the energy market. The role of large power plants will increasingly shift from a baseload function to grid support by means of sustainable control capacity and the supply of high and low temperature heat to, among others, industry and other areas with high energy demand. 

Leo Brouwer


Rob is biomass trader at Vattenfall Energy Trading, He is responsible for a portfolio of wood pellets and wood chips contracts and very much involved with maintaining and improving the high standard of sustainability that both the outside market and the auditors appreciate. Rob Marcus held various positions in the wider energy market since 1990 and more specifically in the biomass and renewables market since 2000. Rob has been active as an account manager, business consultant, biomass buyer, project developer and biomass trader, at times employed by companies with over 10,000 employees but also representing trading firms with only a few persons on the payroll. 

Rob Marcus

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